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Therapist Biographies at Nob Hill Spa

Aldo has been a licensed massage practitioner since 2006 completing the 650 hour program at Brenneke School of Massage in Seattle, WA. After refining his skills and style of bodywork in Seattle, Aldo moved to San Francisco in 2011 and has established a loyally dedicated clientele. His unique blend of LomiLomi, TuiNae, Reflexology, and Deep Tissue techniques brings relief to muscle tension while providing flow for relaxation. Aldo continues to grow as a massage therapist by attending addition training on Mana Lomi and Thai Massage techniques. His favorite treatment to give at Nob Hill Spa is the 80 minute Therapeutic Massage.

You can schedule an appointment with Aldo on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings and Thursday afternoons.  

Eric studied massage therapy at Capri College in Madison, Wisconsin specializing in Swedish massage. He has been a Massage Therapist since 1998, half of which have been at Nob Hill Spa. Eric has always believed that Swedish massage is so much more than gentle, long strokes, and a light relaxing touch. Applied effectively and intuitively it can have real therapeutic value and provide genuine relief, especially when combined with stretching, rocking, and joint range-of-motion techniques. His favorite treatment at Nob Hill Spa is an 80-minute Therapeutic Massage.

Eric works Sunday and Monday evening, and occasionally on other days.  

George graduated in 2001 from the American Institute of Massage Therapy and has worked in various settings including spas, physical therapy and chiropractic offices. His style is a blend of deep relaxing and therapeutic work. Specializing in sports massage and injury recovery, he has developed effective treatment programs for helping clients with different types of pain—TMJ, sciatica, tennis and golf elbow, shoulder and low back pain, and headaches. George's philosophy and approach to achieve effective results are about creating balance. "First, I source the muscle pain from the area of tightness back to its origin and then I bring the different muscle groups that are working against each other into a state of symbiosis."

Please call the spa for George’s availability.  

Hana is duel licensed in Cosmetology and Massage. She has been practicing massage since 2007, when she graduated from Everest College of San Francisco. For Hana, massage is the art of inner energy and touch, to deliver the most positive and results oriented experience to the client. Her techniques are influenced by her experience with Balinese and Javanese massage styles and the Balinese and Javanese Lulur, Indonesian Herbal Body Scrub. She uses long, deep strokes and an energetic flow with combinations of palms, thumbs and elbows, to leave you feeling rejuvenated. She loves what she does and will provide her best in every session.

Hana is available Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, 2:30-9:00 pm.  

Jael graduated from Mckinnon Institute in Oakland, CA in 2011. She enjoys giving massages to people from various backgrounds and working deeply to thoroughly relieve muscle tension. She specializes in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology, Shiatsu, and Prenatal massage. With an honest and intuitive approach, Jael encompasses nurturing qualities that creates a unique session tailored to her clients’ needs. She is always open to learning new massage techniques and ready for a challenge.

Please call the spa for Jael’s availability.  

John has been a massage therapist since 1999, after graduating from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy with over 600 hours of training. He has since continued education at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts in Santa Fe, NM, at the Scherer Institute in Taos, NM and at various schools and workshops around the country. John believes massage and human touch should be a part of everyone's healthy lifestyle, like diet and exercise, and not treated as a luxury to be enjoyed only occasionally. He uniquely tailors his massage sessions to each guest with a variety of techniques including Swedish Massage, deep tissue therapeutic massage, trigger point therapy, pre-natal, acupressure and stretching. John began working at the Nob Hill Spa in 2004.

John is available Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings.  

Julie graduated from East-West College of Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon in 2001. In addition to massage therapy, Julie has a BS in Sport, Health, Leisure and Physical Studies from the University of Iowa and taught at the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy in Playa Samara as a visiting instructor for Kinesiology and Alternative Medicine. Julie has an extensive background in Kinesiology and Therapeutic Rehabilitation massage techniques and her passion for bodywork is demonstrated in her creative mix of Trigger Point, Myofacial, Swedish, and deep tissue techniques that are flowing and effective to provide an overall balanced experience. After going through a severe back injury of her own, she believes that maintaining a stable core through Pilates and receiving massage regularly can help individuals move through injuries and imbalances while taking responsibility for their own health and well-being.

“If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?”- Julie Alvarez

Julie is available for massage Sunday evenings and mid-day on Mondays and Tuesdays.  

Katrina has been practicing massage professionally since 2012 and is a lifelong athlete who understands the importance of focused body work. Her BA in Psychology inspired her to study alternative healing modalities. She integrates aspects of deep tissue, sports therapy, and trigger point to customize treatments for specific needs. Katrina works to decrease tension and increase mobility, helping clients bring awareness to their bodies and perform at their best.

Book a session with Katrina on Thursday and Friday evenings or Tuesday and Saturday mornings.  

Lisa began her massage studies in 1988 and has been at Nob Hill Spa since its opening in 2001. Lisa’s approach is both structural and energetic, informed by a wide variety of bodywork; training with Tom Hendrickson, DC, certification from the McKinnon Institute, SF School of Massage and Bodywork, and graduate studies in Integral Health at California Institute of Integral Studies. The overall effect is a very relaxing, integrative massage. Certification as a Lymphedema Therapist by the Dr. Vodder School in 2006 allows Lisa to pursue her special focus in working with those post cancer treatment or recovering from surgery.

You can schedule a massage with Lisa on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings.  

Lynn’s philosophy begins and ends with the needs of her current client. While she calls her style “deep tissue that feels good,” she offers a sensitively tailored session. She works intuitively and therapeutically, mindful of your individual goals while keeping alive the value of massage as pleasurable and restorative. Specific release work is combined with long and connective flowing strokes to ease tension and recharge energy. Many clients comment on Lynn’s “smart hands”. She has a strong repertoire of techniques and a sensitivity that she has developed over many years of experience. She has been here at Nob Hill Spa since 2006 and is one of our head trainers.

Lynn is available for body treatments and massage Tuesday and Friday, 8:00a - 2:30p, and Wednesday 2:30p - 9p.  

Marina has been practicing massage since 1991 when she originally completed training at the Therapeutic Massage School in Crimea, Ukraine and upon moving to the US in 1997, attended National Holistic Institute here in the Bay Area. Marina has had the opportunity to receive a bachelor’s degree in teaching and work with kindergarten age students, study Ayurveda at the Trissure Ayurvedic Clinic in India and then practice that work at the Ayurvedic Medical Clinic in Ukraine and complete a 50 hour pregnancy massage class. Her therapeutic massage training combined with warm touch is sure to provide a massage that soothes.

Schedule a massage with Marina on Monday evenings or Thursday, Friday, and Sunday mornings.  

Monique has been a Certified Massage Therapist & Health Educator since 2010. She graduated from the National Holistic Institute with comprehensive training in various modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports massage and Shiatsu. Monique views massage as a natural and holistic method for enhancing her own overall health and wellness. She specializes in providing restorative and deeply relaxing bodywork. Whether you are looking to alleviate chronic pain, manage stress, or relax overworked muscles, Monique will design a session to meet your individual needs. She offers a strong, nurturing, and intuitive touch.

Monique is available Tuesday and Sunday 2:30p – 9p, or Friday and Saturday 8a – 2:30p.  

Pétalo has worked at the Nob Hill Spa for 2 years. He is a graduate of the National Holistic Institute of massage in San Francisco and completed over 900 hours. There he studied a variety of Eastern and Western modalities, such as Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Energy work while also expanding knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology. Pétalo works with intention and mindfulness to create a grounding space for relaxation and therapeutic work. He is a native Spanish speaker and intermediate Francophone.

Pétalo is available Thursdays and Saturdays 2:30pm – 9p.  

Rie has been a practicing massage therapist for 10+ years. Her favorite massage is a blend of stretching, deep muscle release, and structural integration of the musculoskeletal system. Her training and experience is in both eastern and western modalities, both generating healing and relaxation with different and assimilating techniques. She has enjoyed the progression towards holistic health and wellness, and feels that bodywork can be a subtle and pronounced practice of energy work.

Rie is available Thursdays and Saturdays 8a – 2:30p.  

Sarah has been a city and state licensed therapist for 10 years and is also a Communications major at SF State University. She came into massage after a 20 year career in dance and theater. She started her training in India while studying Ashtanga Yoga with master teacher Sheshadri and from there, sought out her full-time massage training. She has studied Thai massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand at Baan Nit, and graduated from SF School of Massage with Swedish, deep-tissue, advanced neck work, trigger-point release and prenatal qualifications. She has since studied reflexology and is interested in furthering her knowledge of effective ASMR focused therapy. Her intuitive touch, understanding of anatomy and ergonomics allow her to customize a session that suits the clients' needs; be it simply relaxation or a more therapeutic approach.

Please call the spa for Sarah’s schedule.  

Saranie uses an intuitive touch, grounded in Shiatsu and Deep Tissue, which slowly relaxes the muscle and releases it with deep pressure and compressions. She wants to help people heal themselves and believes massage is a great way to do this. Her education and training was cultivated by McKinnon Body Therapy Center in Oakland California. Her clients describe her as having "Magic hands." She believes that trust and confidence between her, the therapist, and her clientele is essential and making clients feel comfortable is always one of her highest priorities. She is a licensed massage therapist with over six years of experience. Her approach to therapy combines Swedish Massage, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu, and Acupressure to provide the perfect massage to meet your needs.

Please call the spa for Saranie’s availability.  

Semegn graduated from McKinnon Institute in Oakland, CA in 2011. Massage is her passion. Having work which allows her to express her caring nature and put others before herself brings her tremendous joy. Her studies and practice include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage and Shiatsu. Her favorite quote is from Maya Angelou: People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.

Semegn is available Sundays and Mondays from 8-2:30 and Tuesdays from 2:30-9:00.  

Stacey With many years of experience in working in spa, chiropractic and rehabilitative/chronic pain clinics, Stacey brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on skills to every massage session. With 25 years of experience working in spa, chiropractic and rehabilitative/chronic pain clinics, Stacey brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on skills to every massage session. Combining a keen sense of intuitive touch, long, rhythmic strokes for a deeper state of relaxation and integrating passive range-of-movement for improved joint mobility, each massage is specifically tailored to meet the client's areas of focus.

Stacey is available during the mornings of Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.  

Tee graduated from the National Holistic Institute in San Francisco in 2014. He has over 1,000 hours of training in Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Pressure, Sports Massage, Thai Massage, and Reiki. His specializes in combining eastern and western styles to customize your session.

Tee is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 2:30-9:00 pm.  

Traci is a certified holistic health and wellness practitioner with a 1000hour bodywork program and a 700hour coaching program specializing in integrative therapeutic modalities, somatic rehabilitation therapy and neuro-linguistic programing. Practicing since 2009, she began her private practice and successfully managed multiple spa retreats in the bay area before turning her focus completely to her massage practice here in the city. Her style is an integrative approach to therapeutic bodywork including deep tissue, trigger point, joint release technique, sport injury rehabilitation, and neuromuscular therapy. She also utilizes softer approaches in her sessions of lymphatic, cranial sacral, and a Swedish flow to create a gentle atmosphere and a safe space to let both mind and body relax and respond. Whether she is working on a client for the first time or part of a series with a client on their journey to healing; her emphasis is on what the guest is looking to achieve in the session and how she can be a part of it.

You can book with Traci on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings.